Monday, April 30, 2012

Travels with DJ Pettitt - Day 3 - Daintree Back To Cairns

During the night the heavens opened with solid tropical rain and it teemed down for a good few hours.  By morning as we headed to the jetty it was light drizzling rain... and a balmy 25C at dawn!

6.30am on the Daintree

We didnt see a lot of birds, the odd Cattle Egret, a Sacred Kingfisher and Welcome Sparrow were about it... but even though it was drizzling rain on and off for the 2 hours of our cruise it was still magic.  Would love to go back again and do it in summer... would love to see a real sunset or sunrise on the river lol
7.30am on Daintree

Unfortunately the rain/drizzle was predicted to settle in for the day so we cut our plans short and headed back to Cairns.... by the time we got a bit further south and closer to cairns the sun was out and it was a beautiful day

Sunset and the bats arrive
We booked into our room at the Sebel a day early (great hotel, highly recommend the staff) and went for a wander around town and dinner - walking past the casino with the sun about to set, I looked up and the sky was full of bats!  great big fruit bats with a 2.5ft wingspan were flying and swooping overhead.  apparently they come into cairns each night at sunset for the fruit trees

View of Cairns from the balcony of our room on the 9th floor

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  1. I LOVED the bats in Cairns! Such a great memory!


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