Monday, April 30, 2012

Travels with DJ Pettitt - Day 4 - Kuranda

With our standard early start a bit slower we left our room around 7am and headed for Kuranda - our plan was to do the Butterfly Sanctuary and Bird World.  The main street of Kuranda is lined with magnificent Fig Trees... awesome trees... they are like botanical hotels... their branches support many other plants growing on them
Kuranda  main street

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is the largest butterfly enclosure in Australia with an all weather flight avairy thats home to around 2000 butterflies

We spent a very enjoyable (but hot lol) hour in the enclosure... saw lots of the lovely bright blue Ulysses butterflies but they were paparazzi shy and wouldn't land for more than a blink of an eye.

After the butterflies we sat for a little while to lower our core temperature from liquified to just hot, then headed over to Birdworld.  LOVED this place.  Another huge indoor avairy type enclosure where you walked around inside with the birds, but setup to look like a rainforest with multi levels... and VERY friendly birds!

This little guy took a shine to us and just would'nt leave us alone lol.. (and note the flat hair, Sunsilk you need to invent a humidity defying wax!)

And handsome but 'naughty' Eric who ate the toggles on my backpack while he sat on my shoulder lol


  1. Fabulous pics. Is that bird Eric still alive. We have pics of him on Geoff's neck, if its the same bird

  2. he is glenda... dont know how old he is but he has a penchant for zipper toggles and peircings... he nicked a lot of peircings off the tourist he moved onto after me... LOL

  3. Oh, Bevlea, your butterfly shots turned out amazing!

    I have some great shots of you that I'll process and send as soon as I can. I'm still laughing at The Great Zipper Pull Heist. Behind that handsome face, Eric was a bit of a naughty kleptomaniac!


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