Saturday, May 5, 2012

Travels with DJ Pettitt - Day 6 -Strangler Fig Trees and Waterfalls

It was our last full day in FNQ.... we had both had the best fun - and while looking forward to seeing our furbabies and man babies again... it was a bittersweet last day... one we decided to cram into as much as we could (and this was different you ask? LOL)
Water Fountains at the Esplanade Lagoon
We had been up since 5, taken morning pics from the famous balcony, showered, chatted, perused maps and planned our route.. and it was that without hurrying we still called for our car and headed off around 7.30am in brilliant blue cloudless skies.... we were making for the Atherton Tablelands  again as we wanted to (a) see the famous Strangler Fig Trees and (b) take some waterfall shots.

Our first stop was the Cathedral Fig Tree - a gigantic 500 year old tree located in the Dunbulla State Forest.  It was 5 stories tall and had a huge circumference with a great boardwalk around it.  Absolutely stunning... Thousands of people before us stretching back hundreds of years had also walked around this tree ... felt very small in the great scheme of things.

Leaving the the Cathedral tree we headed for the Curtain Fig Tree at quote the Cairns website:
Curtain Fig Tree - click HERE for video with bird sounds!

This is the most amazing tree you are ever likely to see. It is a picture of a century of natural history – a unique example of nature's unpredictability and power.
The fig tree is from the strangler fig species Fichus virens. The curtain effect results from one tree leaning against another tree on a 45-degree angle. The strangler vine then grew along the oblique angle of the leaning tree, dangling 15 metres to the ground to create the curtain affect.
A wooden boardwalk surrounds the tree so you can see it on any angle. As one of the largest trees in North Queensland, the Curtain Fig Tree is fascinating and unusual. If you're in the Atherton Tablelands, make sure you stop by an have a look.

Like the Cathedral Fig Tree this one was amazing..... I think the Cathedral one was more impressive (re: shape) but they were both jaw dropping.. and the Curtain Fig Tree was in a forest with the most amazing bird sounds and calls.
Millaa Millaa Falls
From here we headed for the waterfall circuit.. our plan was to do Mt Hypipamee Crater and Dinner Falls.. totally missed it... ended up on the 'other' waterfalls circuit.. which was opportune.. and I'm glad we didnt miss it.  Our first waterfall we came across was Milla Milla (pronounced Mil-lay).

Stunning single drop waterfall into a large pool... with lots of tourists from a tour bus swimming in.. we got off a few shots, then out of the corner of my eye I saw a watery hair flick!  "OHHHH Can she doe that again!!!!"  ooops.. did I say that out loud?  :-|  ............ yep, I did, they heard me... but yes, two lovely german girls were more than happy to do it again.. giving me their camera to take one on theirs as well...

DJ and I shot off some quick shots before the girls had to get back on the bus and continue their tour (we have their email addy to send them the shots) :-)
Frolicking Frauleins
After Milla Milla we headed to Zillee Falls.. didnt like that much as we couldnt get to the bottom so we moved onto Ellinjaa Falls... (tip want to photograph a waterfall?  make sure there is access to the bottom pool)
Ellinjaa Falls

OMG  amazing place.  Definitely IMHO the best waterfall of our trip...

We spent an hour their in the thunder of the falls and spray before calling it a day and heading back to Cairns... little doodlebug was running on the smell of an oily rag by the time we finally made the servo... but it got us there.. and boy did we have a fantastic last day!!


  1. Fabulous pics Bevlea and yes the strangler figs are amazing. I must search out my pics of them taken a few years ago.

  2. THANK YOU so much for sharing such a fabulous week with me Bevlea! You've given me a priceless gift of memories that will last a lifetime. I can't wait to return and continue the adventure!

  3. THANKYOU DJ!!!!!!!!!!! I had a ball... it was sooooo good to take a holiday with someone who kept the same body clock and liked to stop and photograph every nuance as well LOL. I have marked our Cairns trip in my memory as the BEST time ever... and am SO looking forward to 2015! :-)

  4. Fantastic pics...fabulous holiday...and a well earned one at that!

  5. What an adventue ... looks faaabulous! Glad you BOTH had a great time!

  6. Great photos!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Will put this area on my bucket list to see and start saving for Perth in 2015!


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